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2024-W10 release - March 8th, 2024


General Notice

  • Auvik Brand UI Refresh
    Auvik Networks default UI styling will be updated to reflect our new branding identity. This includes an updated logo and refreshed colours. Customizations to theme are still available in the product, and if you currently utilize customizations, they will not be overwritten. In addition to product updates, check out our refreshed website, follow us on social media, and get yourself some new Auvik swag at our online shop!
  • Auvik Dark Mode
    Users will be able to update Auvik’s styling to Dark Mode for the platform. Admin users can add dark mode customizations.

    For more information about Dark Mode:

    Click here for How to Change to Dark Mode
    Click here for How to Change Dark Mode Style
  • New Password Requirements

    Auvik is updating password requirements for all user accounts on March 15th. Users using Google, Microsoft, or a corporate identity provider to log in to Auvik (SAML Single Sign-On) will not be impacted. API keys are also not impacted. Auvik is implementing this change to improve the security of user accounts and to meet new PCI DSS compliance requirements.

    Auvik users will be required to change their passwords at least once starting on March 15, 2024 as a proactive measure. Auvik users that have not changed their passwords by February 1, 2025 will be prompted to change their passwords in order to access Auvik. Here’s how you can update your password in Auvik.

Auvik Network Management (7)
  • New
    • User Management Export
      • Exporting users and roles is now available, exporting will download spreadsheet for users data table, roles data table and invitations table.

  • Improved

    • Switch Stack support for Cisco 4500 VSS and Huawei S series stacks
    • Map - Sync entity selection with Search Results panel

      • When the user selects a device on the map while a search is active, the Search Results panel wasn’t updating accordingly, leading to a discrepancy between the selected device on the map and the displayed search results. This improvement ensures that there is sync between the two. i.e,

        • If the user selects on a device that’s inside the search results, the Search Results panel list will have that device selected to be in sync.

        • If the user selects on a device that’s outside of the search results, the Search Result index will reset and no device is selected on the list.

  • Coming Soon
    • Maps - “Focus on Selected Entity" button

      • On large maps, users often select a device and then pan to gather more insights. However, there's currently no easy way to refocus on the selected device after panning away. This enhancement adds a "Focus on the selected entity" button on the right side above the zoom buttons

  • Devices
    • Improved Identifications

      • L2 and L3 Switch(es)

        • Vendor(s): Huawei, Brocade, FibroLan, PLANET, Alcatel-Lucent, HP

      • Access Point(s)

        • Vendor(s): Huawei, Meraki, Advantech

      • Printer(s)

        • Vendor(s): Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Sharp

Auvik SaaS Management (5)
  • Improved

    • Manifest v3 Support

      • Auvik SaaS Management Extensions is now fully supported via Google’s new extension standard - Manifest v3. Manifest v3 allows enhanced security, privacy, and performance for extensions within the Chromium ecosystem, and we are migrating to this new standard as Google plans to end-of-life the prior version in Summer 24. This browser extension update is handled automatically by Chrome and other Chromium browsers and no additional action is needed to get the latest extension update.

    • Compatibility with New Google OAuth Updates

      • Google has recently updated its OAuth and SSO Authentication pages to a new theme. We’ve updated our browser extension to continue to capture SSO events and User Account data from these newest versions.

  • Fixed
    • Resolved an issue in which users who only had access to single-client deployments would see a 404 error when attempting to access their tenant.

    • Resolved an issue in which usage charts weren’t properly generated.

  • Coming Soon

    • SSO Checklist and Visibility - See which applications discovered in your environment support single sign-on, and more importantly, identify opportunities to improve security posture by showing gaps in SSO coverage across your existing applications

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