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How to get started with syslog archive


Syslog archive allows you to store all the logs processed in Auvik in your storage provider for as long as you need. This way you will be able to, for example, meet compliance regulations or perform long-term network forensics and reports. To this end, Auvik plans to integrate with well-known storage providers where you will be able to easily manage all your logs.

Note: syslog alerting is not included in the syslog archive.

We are looking for your feedback for additional storage providers to partner with. Who would you like to see us integrate for syslog archive? Head over to Auvik's Idea Portal to submit your thoughts and upvote others.

Setting up syslog archive is easy!

First, you need to properly configure the credentials to allow Auvik to copy data in your storage provider. Once configured, Auvik will continuously compress logs from the sites/devices configured and periodically copy them into your storage service in a csv format. In your storage service, you’ll be able to find your logs structured by site name, device name, and date. It is that easy!

How do I want to configure syslog archive?

Before configuring the syslog archive, you may want to think about how you plan to organize it. There are two ways, global and site-level. Depending on your end-customers' requirements or privacy concerns you may choose to compartmentalize storage buckets by site. You can use a hybrid approach by using both types of configurations.

Let's take a look.

  1. Single storage is a global setting where configurations are inherited and data is stored together. Meaning all the logs from all your sites in a single location. Logs are broken down by site name, device name and date.
  2. One storage per site is a site-level storage setting where permissions and configuration is required per site. This helps to keep site logs separated from each other in their own storage bucket. This is a great way to also exclude sites where archiving may not be necessary.

Where can I find syslog archive?

As syslog archive is a feature specially devoted to the storage of syslog data, you can find “Manage Archive” in the Syslog tab of Auvik. This option is only available if your account is in the Performance plan. 

How to configure your syslog archive:

  1. Connect Auvik to your storage provider. 
  • Configure which syslog data you would like to archive. 
  • Is there a cost for archiving? 

    Auvik will never charge for additional features associated with the archival of syslogs and it is important to consider additional costs which could be incurred from the storage provider. While ultimately these costs are minimal, we highly recommend a strategic approach to planning your syslog archive in Auvik to avoid any costly storage surprises.

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