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Configure SNMPv2 Through FDM on a Cisco Firepower Device

  1. Log into the FDM webUI
  2. Navigate to More Options (⋮) → API Explorer (top right)
  3. Create an SNMP host network object
    1. Select NetworkObject → POST /object/networks
    2. Paste the following in body (replacing <Auvik Collector IP> with the address of your Auvik collector)
      "version": "null",
      "name": "auvikCollector",
      "description": "SNMP Server Host",
      "subType": "HOST",
      "value": "<Auvik Collector IP>",
      "isSystemDefined": false,
      "dnsResolution": "IPV4_ONLY",
      "type": "networkobject"
    3. Click “TRY IT OUT!”
    4. Copy the resulting json response into a notepad to reference in a later step
  4. Grab your interface information
    1. Select Interface → GET /devices/default/interfaces
    2. Click “TRY IT OUT!
    3. From the resulting json response, copy information from the interface Auvik will be polling into your notepad. It will look something like this (shortened for space):
           "version": "abcdef12ghijk",
           "name": "inside",
           "description": null,
           "hardwareName": "Ethernet1/2",
           "monitorInterface": true,
           "ipv4": {
             "ipType": "STATIC",
             "defaultRouteUsingDHCP": false,
             "dhcpRouteMetric": null,
             "ipAddress": {
               "ipAddress": "",
               "netmask": "",
               "standbyIpAddress": null,
               "type": "haipv4address"
           "ipv6": {
             "ipAddresses": [
                 "ipAddress": "",
           "managementOnly": false,
           "managementInterface": false,
           "mode": "ROUTED",
           "linkState": "UP",
           "mtu": 1500,
           "enabled": true,
           "macAddress": null,
           "standbyMacAddress": null,
           "pppoe": null,
           "speedType": "AUTO",
           "duplexType": "AUTO",
           "present": true,
           "tenGigabitInterface": false,
           "gigabitInterface": false,
           "id": "fd711bd6-8a8e-11ec-b428-bf5d43aaa99a",
           "type": "physicalinterface",
           "links": {
             "self": ""
  1. Create an SNMPv2 host object 
    1. Select SNMP → POST /object/snmphosts/
    2. Paste the following in body, but refer to your notepad to fill in these fields:
      1. "managerAddress" fill in version, name, id, and type from the json output copied in step 3
      2. “securityConfiguration” Set your community string here (anything you like) - this will be added to Auvik in order to poll the device:
        How Do I Add, Edit, Delete or Retry SNMP Credentials?
      3.  “Interface” fill in the version, name, and id from the json copied in step 4
        "version": null,
        "name": "v2AuvikCollector",
        "description": null,
        "managerAddress": {
        "version": "bmwzw4iw7php7",
        "name": "auvikCollector",
        "id": "65da6c50-49df-11eb-a432-e7823944dabc",
        "type": "networkobject"
        "pollEnabled": true,
        "securityConfiguration": {
        "community": "nanook",
        "type": "snmpv2csecurityconfiguration"
        "interface": {
        "version": "kkpkibjlu6qro",
        "name": "inside",
        "id": "fc3d07d4-49d2-11eb-85a8-65aec636a0fc",
        "type": "physicalinterface"
        "id": null,
        "type": "snmphost"
  2. Click “TRY IT OUT!”


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