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Configure SNMPv2 Through FDM on a Cisco Firepower Device

  1. Navigate to Devices
  2. Click on Platform Settings
  3. If there is no policy applied to the target device, click on New Policy and Threat Defense Settings
    1. If there is already a policy applied to the target FTD, go to step 4
  4. Give a name to the policy

  5. Include the target FTDs on the Selected Devices field
  6. The FMC will open the policy with options on the left
  7. Choose SNMP
  8. Check the box to enable SNMP Servers
  9. Set the read community string
  10. Set the Listen port: 161
  11. Click Save
  12. Deploy the change

After deploying, It may take more time than usual to see SNMP working in Auvik.


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