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Error messages in Auvik TrafficInsights


To help identify issues with flow exports, TrafficInsights provides an error message when no data is available. There are six possible error messages:

Below we discuss what the error messages mean and how to resolve them.

Not receiving data

This is the most common error message. It indicates that flow data isn’t being received by TrafficInsights. The likely culprit is a misconfiguration.


First, make sure the device is correctly exporting flow data to the appropriate collector. You can check this by doing a packet capture (Window - Wireshark) and (Linux - tcpdump). We want to make sure we are receiving data at the collector level with no erros. 

If the correct collector is configured, confirm the device is Approved in the Auvik dashboard. If all looks good and we can confirm flow packets are arrving at the collector but you're still getting the error message, make sure to add * to the allowlist in your firewall and/or contact our support team for help.

Only templates

Flow packets can carry two types of information: templates and data records. Templates are the schemas that describe the meaning and format of the fields in the data records. 

The Only Templates error message means TrafficInsights is receiving only flow templates. TrafficInsights isn’t receiving the data records that carry network traffic information. This usually means flow monitoring has been activated on a network interface or port that isn’t receiving or forwarding traffic.


Make sure you’re monitoring the correct interface and that it’s carrying traffic.

No templates 

This error message is the opposite of Only Templates: TrafficInsights is receiving data records, but no templates. As a result, TrafficInsights doesn’t know how to parse and process the data it receives. 


Sometimes this issue resolves itself. Templates are sent periodically so it’s possible the error message triggered early, before the templates were received. But if you keep getting this error, check the template configuration on your network devices to make sure they’re exporting correctly.

Parse error 

Parse error means TrafficInsights has encountered an issue parsing the flow data it has received.


Make sure your flow data is a type that’s supported by TrafficInsights. We currently support NetFlow v5, NetFlow v9, IPFIX, J-Flow, and sFlow. If your flow data is a supported type, next check whether the network device is using a custom template. If yes, switch to a standard template.

Missing field 

TrafficInsights needs a small set of flow-related information to work: IP addresses, ports, protocol, and bytes. If any of those fields are missing, TrafficInsights can’t process the flows. 

Note: The number of packets per flow (packets) is also a basic parameter but some common devices don’t export packet information. If packet information is the only field missing, TrafficInsights sets the number of packets per flow to one. This way, although the packet information isn’t accurate, TrafficInsights can continue to work. When packet information is missing, no error message is shown.


Check that the template definition on your network device includes all four required data fields. If it doesn’t, edit the template to add what’s missing. 

No message - unknown

TrafficInsights show this message when it doesn’t know what’s wrong. 


If you see this message, contact our support team.

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