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Can Auvik discover services on my network?


Yes, Auvik can show you services that are running against network elements, servers, and workstations on your network. Auvik also shows you how many devices are running each service, which devices they are, and which ports they’re sitting on.

To see the services running on your network, click All Services from the side navigation bar. You’ll see a master list of all the services running and the number of devices discovered for each one. Click any service in the list to see which devices are running it, on which ports and the last known status. You can filter the services list to show only certain services. For more information on filtering, see How to filter data in Auvik.

To learn how to add, edit, or delete the services being monitored, see How do I start, stop, add, edit, or delete monitoring for services?

These are the services Auvik can discover:

  • Active Directory
  • AFP (Apple File Protocol)
  • BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)
  • Citrix
  • DNS (Domain Name Server)
  • Finger
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  • HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)
  • iLO (Integrated Lights-Out)
  • IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)
  • Internet Connection Check
  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
  • Java
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Mongo
  • MySQL
  • NetBIOS (Network Basic Input/Output System)
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol)
  • OD (Open Directory)
  • POP3 (Post Office Protocol)
  • PSQL (PostgreSQL)
  • RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
  • VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
  • WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)
  • WSVMWARE (Web Services VMware)
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