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2024-W14 release - April 6th, 2024


General Release


We’ve squashed some bugs that were isolated to a small set of Auvik users. If you had an open support ticket that was addressed by one of these fixes, the Auvik support team will be in touch.

Auvik SaaS Management (6)
  • New
    • Introducing SSO Visibility - We’ve added several additional features to support monitoring and understanding of SSO for discovered applications in multiple areas of the applications, as well as reporting. This includes:
      • A new SSO column that shows the supported SSO options for an application and whether their use has actively been detected.

      • Ability to filter applications to show newly discovered apps that have not yet detected SSO usage. This filter will allow IT teams to better identify which applications in their tech stack do not use SSO and provide an opportunity to improve security posture.

      • Additional areas within Discovery and QBR reports that include the new data.

  • Improved

    • Additional resources have been added to the Sales & Support hub, including new product screenshots, client guides, feature checklists, and other documents designed to help present the value of SaaS Management to clients and internal stakeholders.

    • In situations where an RMM that leverages token variables does not populate (ex: $ClientName), ASM will now let the user know the problem and re-deploy.

    • The UX of tabs throughout the application has been improved, providing a better user experience when clicking through application menus or nested menus.

    • Source data has been designed to show more specific information about discovery sources. These fields previously showed “+99” in some cases and will now show the accurate number in larger deployments.

  • Fixed
    • Resolved an issue where Azure users could sometimes be imported without having an audit or sign-on activity.

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