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The network map is a central and defining feature of Auvik. At a glance, it shows you how everything on your network is connected, both physically and logically. You can zoom in, expand nodes, and search or filter what’s displayed. You’ll find a list of all the map icons in Auvik and what each one represents over here.

Map legend

A quick-reference copy of this legend is displayed under the search field.

  • Solid blue wires represent Layer 1 connections
  • Solid black wires represent Inferred connections
  • Solid purple wires represent VPN tunnel connections
  • Dotted blue wires represent Wi-Fi connections

Full-screen map view

To make the map full-screen, click the circle with three lines at the top of the side navigation bar (). This collapses the side navigation. To expand the height of the map, grab the map bar with your mouse and drag it to the bottom of your browser window.

To ensure your session doesn't timeout while on large display, please ensure that you set your session timeout accordingly.

Information at a glance

Hover over any device to see basic details such as device type, name, IP address, and online status. Click through on any device or tooltip to see more about that device.

Hover over any wire to see details about the connection and the interfaces on each end, including connection type, negotiated speed of the connection, and MAC addresses of the interfaces.

For more information about displaying alert notifications on the network map, see How can I see alert notifications on my map?

Collapsed nodes

Depending on how your map was drawn, you may find that a number of the nodes appear collapsed. Hovering over a collapsed node shows you details about the devices that have been collapsed. The badge on the node tells you the number of collapsed devices.

Collapsed nodes can be expanded individually by clicking on the node. You'll see the subtree or common devices collapsed within the node. Or, you can expand all collapsed nodes at once by clicking the expand arrows in the top right corner of the map. Click the collapse arrows to collapse all expanded nodes.

Zooming in and out

Click the + tab in the top right corner of the map to zoom in on the topology and view details more closely. Click the - tab to zoom out.

You can also zoom in and out on the map by using pinch-to-zoom on trackpads or using the Command key (CTRL on PCs) and scrolling while the cursor is on the map.

For more information on interacting with the map, see How do I search or filter for items on my map? and Can I save or make a copy of my map?

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