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How to use Northstar


Northstar is a troubleshooting tool that maps the network path of a device to the internet. It will also provide key metrics for the devices in the path to assist with troubleshooting.

To use Northstar:

  1. Click on the device you want to troubleshoot
  2. Click on the Northstar northstar.pngicon on the top of the side menu

The screen will then show the network path from that device to the internet.


Northstar removes the extra devices on the map so that you can see the KPIs for the path. Each of the devices or sections of the path have expandable sections that hold additional information. The statuses and data on Northstar will be determined by the time frame selected at the lower right corner of your Auvik instance. You can now also click the Expand All button to show all the information for each section of the path.


To see the extra information on each section or device on the path click the arrow at the right side of the device or path name.


When the closed section opens, all the additional data will be available for that part of the path.

For each device that information includes:

  • Device Name
  • Device Type
  • Make/Model
  • Online status
  • Manage status
  • IP address(es)
  • CPU% (Min/Max/Avg)
  • Memory% (Min/Max/Avg)

For path segments, that includes:

  • Path Segment
  • Negotiated Speed
  • Admin status
  • Operational status
  • IP address
  • Access
  • Rx Packets (Min/Max/Avg)
  • Tx Packets (Min/Max/Avg)
  • Rx Errors (Min/Max/Avg)
  • Tx Errors (Min/Max/Avg)
  • Rx Discard (Min/Max/Avg)
  • Tx Discard (Min/Max/Avg)
  • Rx Utilization (Min/Max/Avg)
  • Tx Utilization (Min/Max/Avg)


When configured, each expanded section will also show any alerts generated.


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