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2024 - W24 Release - June 15th, 2024


General Release

Auvik Network Management (1)
  • Updated
    • Northstar is now Generally Available! During Beta, Northstar received positive feedback from users. Based on that feedback we made a number of UI changes. In coming months we plan to make some additional enhancements around Northstar, so stay tuned!

Auvik SaaS Management (9)
  • New
    • API Improvements: Additional data points have been added to the ASM applications API to help better facilitate visibility of total detected user counts and personal/work data. The applications API now includes total aggregate active users, if account data has been detected for a particular app, as well as several metrics related to identifying work/personal account logins.
    • Publisher data is also now available in the application API. Publisher data allows users to easily identify a particular company that publishes or maintains a particular SaaS application. Publisher data has been added across all Microsoft, Google, and Adobe applications with several other major multi-product companies to be included in future iterations.
  • Improved

    • An Export to CSV has been added for all User data within the Identities and Assets > Users menu to facilitate easier reporting of user data and easy importing into other platforms.

    • Total Client Count has been added to the Partner-level application stack menu to allow partners to see at a glance how often a particular app has been discovered across all of their deployments.

    • Added a Last Used column to the applications menu to allow users the ability to more easily identify applications that might go unused for extended periods of time.

    • The ability to exclude certain groups of users from an initial SaaS Quick Scan has been added to the client creation process. This will allow for easier exclusions of particular user groups during the set up process if some users need to be excluded for privacy or compliance reasons.

  • Fixed
    • Resolved an issue where all notes would show each client deployment, instead of only those notes for apps that were discovered in that environment.

    • Fixed an issue that caused the “Managed by Partner” option to not show in several app classification menus.

    • Resolved an issue where some usage could be appended to apps that may have been previously disabled/removed.

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