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Network Path (Northstar) FAQ


Is Northstar available for every site?

Yes. You can access the Northstar icon from every site under the Search bar. To enable it, click on a device to launch the Northstar panel.

Why is the Northstar icon disabled (not highlighted)? It doesn't do anything when I click on it.

You have to first select a device on the map that you want to review.

Can I expand the health and performance metrics panel?

Yes, you can expand the panel by scrolling up and down the panel. You can exit the panel by clicking on the x.

After using Northstar, how do I get back the other map options (search, filter, export)?

When Northstar is active, other map features such as search, filter, and export options (left-hand buttons) are not available. You can exit Northstar to access the other features.

Why can't I see the details for all the devices in the path?

If the path is long, you may need to scroll in the Northstar panel to see all the data.

Is it possible to see more details in the performance panel?

Device and interface names are clickable. If clicked, the details dashboard at the bottom of the page will update, and the device will be highlighted in the path.

Are cloud controllers displayed in Northstar?

Cloud controllers are not included in Northstar paths, as they are not classified as devices in Auvik.

Will it be able to let us map within the network instead of to the internet? 

We are exploring options to provide a path between a selected source and destination (even horizontally across the network). More information will be provided at a later time.

When will this be out of beta? 

The plan is that Northstar will be ready for GA sometime in Summer 2024.

What KPIs or health metrics are included for devices and interfaces?

For the full list of device information and path segments that are displayed, see the KB article How to use Northstar.

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