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2024 - W20 Release - May 18th, 2024


General Release

Auvik Network Management (2)
  • Improved
    • Northstar improvements
      • Expand All’ and ‘Collapse All’ buttons have been added to Northstar. These will affect the details panel.

    • Auvik Quick Search improvement

      Going forward Quick Search will be known as Global Search!

      This more accurately reflects all the information a user can instantly have access to using this feature.
      Additional Updates:

      • (Cmd + K in MacOS or Ctrl K in Windows) Global Search now includes a search at the site level on the ARP and FDB debug tables by MAC address. This can help with debugging wiring issues without having to go through each device individually.

      • Users can now search by OID to unlock searching for SNMP Pollers

      • Global Search can now be used through our new global search bar in the navigation panel

Auvik SaaS Management (3)
  • Improved

    • Released a new version of the SaaS agent (v2.1) which consolidates directories in Windows to reduce footprint and remove temporary files placed in C:/.

    • Improved Load Times for Applications and Security Logs menus for instances with high volume of records.

  • Fixed

    • Resolved an issue where the My Reports menu would not show date created or created by data for specific reports.

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