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Upgrading Aruba Central to AOS 10 disables SNMP


Auvik customers with Aruba Wireless Access Points deployed in their networks could experience loss of mapping and monitoring capabilities when upgrading Aruba Central to AOS version 10.  

Aruba recently released version 10 of AOS for its wireless controller module Aruba Central.  Upgrading Aruba Central to this new version permanently disables SNMP which negatively impacts the ability to map and monitor Aruba Wireless Access Points with 3rd party monitoring software like Auvik.  

Responding to negative reactions to this decision, Aruba has created a quick fix that allows SNMP to be reenabled.  However, if Auvik users upgrade to AOS 10 and subsequently deploy this quick fix, they will need to re-add credentials for Aruba Central to Auvik in order to regain mapping and monitoring capabilities. 

Auvik is currently developing a method to provide full monitoring capabilities for Aruba Wireless Access Points without the need for SNMP.  However, this will not be ready for use until August of this year. Until then, Auvik recommends that its customers postpone upgrading to AOS 10 until at least August.

Auvik recommends:

  • Postpone upgrading to AOS 10 until Auvik announces API monitoring capabilities for Aruba Central in August 2024
  • For Auvik customers who have already upgraded to AOS 10, deploy Aruba’s quick fix and re-add credentials in the Auvik console for your Aruba Central Wireless Controller to regain mapping and monitoring capabilities
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