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2024-W18 release - May 4, 2024


General Release

Auvik Network Management (7)
  • Improved
        • Copy an existing user’s authorizations when inviting a new user to make it easier to grant a new employee access to Auvik. This will be available on May 9th.


        • Auvik Quick Search improvement (Cmd + K in MacOS or Ctrl + K in Windows)
          Quick search now includes a search at the site level on the ARP and FDB debug tables by MAC address. This can help with debugging wiring issues without having to go through each device individually.

        • Huawei S-series improvements

  • Coming Soon
    • Docker x86 Collector GA

        • Docker x86 Collector will be moving from beta to General Availability. This will be available on May 13th.
          Note: During beta, out of the three sub-options of ‘Docker Compose’, ‘Docker Desktop’ and ‘Kubernetes Service’, there was low usage of ‘Kubernetes Service’. It has been removed as an option.


    • Export as VSDX - “Shape metadata”
      Now when you are exporting map as VSDX, you can choose to export all the metadata of devices and connections. With this you can view those detail in the imported diagraming tool such as MS Visio or Lucidchart. This will be available May 6th.

      Device Metadata
      Connection Metadata

      However Flowchart Maker & Online Diagram Software has vendor limitations:

      • One has to carefully select the outer circle (not the icon), and then Right Click > Edit Data to reveal the shape metadata.

      • Another limitation is that the keys are not rendered correctly for respective values.


    • UI Performance Improvement
      • All Sites page
        • We have improved the page load performance of “All sites” page. If you manage many sites you will notice a considerable improvement for this. This will go live May 6th.

  • Devices
    • Identifications
      • L2 and L3 Switch(es)
        • Vendor(s): Cisco, Allied Telesyn, Netgear, H3C, HP, D-Link, Phoenix Contact, Netgear, Digi, Alcatel-Lucent

      • Access Point(s)
        • Vendor(s): Huawei, Comtrend, Phoenix Contact, Cisco

      • Controller(s)
        • Vendor(s): Aruba

      • Printer(s)
        • Vendor(s): Xerox, Dell, Toshiba, Sharp, Konica Minolta
Auvik SaaS Management (3)
  • New
      • Group Exclusions have been added to Google Workspace and Azure integrations within the Identities and Assets > (Identity Manager) Groups menu. This option allows you to exclude a particular Group or Organizational Unit (OU) from being automatically imported into ASM. Users within groups that have been marked as excluded will not be automatically imported during regular syncing of SaaS data via the integration. If users already exist within ASM, and a group or OU is marked as excluded, they will be automatically disabled. If users exist across many groups within an Azure or Google Workspace environment, but are a part of at least one excluded group, they will also not be imported.

  • Improved

    • A new workflow type has been added called New Usage of Application with Tag. This option allows for considerably more flexibility in determining when alerts are triggered. Based on a specific tag that is selected during setup, this workflow will trigger every time a new user is detected for an application with a particular tag. Potential use cases include triggering alerts for new users discovered for apps with high license costs, triggering alerts when a new user is added to an app with sensitive client data or PII, as triggering for any custom-built tags.


  • Fixed
    • Resolved an issue where closing a modal would cause bulk-selected options to be deselected.

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