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Can I save or make a copy of my map?


With Auvik’s map export feature, you can easily save a copy of your whole map or any part of it. You can export the map in PDF, SVG or VSDX format. 

For more information on exporting to VSDX format, click here.

Using map export

Map export is located near the top left corner of the map, below the search bar. Click the Map Export button () to get a list of export options, then choose your desired format. 


The export displays exactly what you see of your map on your screen at the time of exporting. For example, if you’ve zoomed in on a particular sub-tree of your physical topology, and only that sub-tree is showing on your screen, then that’s what you’ll see in the export. This means you can capture the results from a search or filter you’ve applied to your map, giving you the ability to document any aspect of the network you want.

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