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How do I monitor my Internet connection status?


Auvik has a cloud-based ping service that’s automatically configured to monitor the default gateways on your network and alert you to status changes.

Your firewall’s Internet-facing network interface must be configured to respond to ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol). If it's not, the service won't be able to monitor the connection.

The Internet connection check works by sending three ICMP pings to the IP address(es) or interface(s) identified.

Note: The cloud ping server within the Auvik environment has an assigned static IP address of

You can edit the details of the check to better match your needs. For example:

  • Publicly addressed endpoints defaults to monitoring all default gateways. You can change this to a specific public IP address. By doing so, only that specific address will be pinged. No other default gateways will be pinged.
  • Check interval defaults to pinging every minute, but can be changed to every 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 1 hour.
  • Up/Down status defines Down as three consecutive failed checks. One successful check keeps the connect status as Up. You can change either one of these thresholds.

Once the default gateway is determined to be down, the associated Internet Connection Is Lost alert fires and you'll receive an email notification.

You can add new ping service checks to monitor any public-facing IP address.

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