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What can I see on the printer dashboard?


Printers have their own dashboards with unique information.

This is what’s available on a printer dashboard:

Several tabs are also available for accessing more detail.

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Device details

Provides you with inventory details about the printer:

  • IP address(es)
  • Network(s) it belongs to, including access and subnet
  • Device type
  • Make and model
  • Software version
  • Serial number
  • Description

To update a device’s details, such as its name, type, or management status, see How do I edit device details? You can also update device details from Discovery  > Manage Devices.

KPIs (key performance indicators)

Located next to the device details.

  • Online Status indicates the last known discovered status (up or down).
  • Printer Status indicates the content of any printer alerts, such as Out of Paper.
  • Open Alerts indicates the numbers of open alerts for the printer, organized by severity (emergency, critical, warning, informational) and paused state. To see all alerts by severity or paused state, click the arrow next to the counts.
  • Credential status  indicates the current status for device credentials, including SNMP, login, WMI, and VMware credentials.


    Status description

    The device isn’t running the services for the credential type.

    Auvik won’t try credentials on the device based on its type (e.g., printer).

    Auvik has the correct credentials for the device.


    Auvik needs credentials for the device.

    Auvik is trying credentials for the device.

Supply levels

Displays a graph of how much ink remains for your printer. To view more detail about any data point on the graph, run your cursor over the graph line. A tooltip pops up to show you the date and time of the data point, and the ink level at that time.

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More details

A printer dashboard has a number of 

tabs and menus that can be clicked for more detail. In each section, you can filter the list to show only certain details. For more information on filtering, see How to filter data in Auvik.

  • Networks provides a list of all networks associated with the printer. To see the dashboard for a specific network, click on the row for a network.
  • Interfaces provides a list of all interfaces associated with the printer. To see the dashboard for a specific interface, click on the interfaces row.
  • Services provides a list of all discovered services running on the printer. To see all other devices running the same service, click on the row for a service.
  • Alerts provides a list of all alerts that have been triggered for the printer.
  • Notes provides a list of all notes that have been added for the printer. To view note details, click the row for a specific note.
  • Debug provides you with tools to help troubleshoot issues with the printer.
  • OID Monitors provides a list of OIDs that have been mapped to the printer along with their current values.
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