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How do I troubleshoot no network connectivity using Auvik


Getting a call that clients can not connect to the network leaves you with a difficult problem to solve. Auvik has a number of tools that will make it easier.


Packet discards

Packet discards can cause devices to resend packets in the case of TCP traffic; UDP traffic will be gone. Auvik also keeps track of packet discards on all interfaces. You can see that information in the All Interfaces by Utilization report

Once you verify a device or interface is experiencing packet discards, there are a couple of things to check, including Ethernet connections, overloaded hardware, and access ports.


Ethernet issues can include routers, switches, workstations, and NICs (network interface cards). There are a number of reasons why a particular device or NIC is experiencing packet discards. Below is a partial list of problems that can cause packet discards:

Down Connections

Look for connections or devices that are breaking its connection between affected users and the network.

  • Check All Alerts for a device causing numerous alerts
  • Verify uplinks between network elements using the Auvik topology map

Overloaded hardware

Hardware problems can occur on network devices like switches, routers, and firewalls. If you’re seeing packet discards, here are few things you can check:

Access points

Access points are susceptible to packet discards. If your access points are experiencing a high number of packet discards, check whether your wireless clients are too far away from the AP or your transmit power is set too high.


Find additional information at this link: SOP - Troubleshooting No Network Connectivity

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