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Trunk port not shared alert


The details shown below are based on the default settings. Options for editing this alert don’t include the ability to edit the trigger or clear condition definitions. You can specify whether the alert should clear based on how it’s configured, or whether it should have no clear condition and be cleared manually.


Primary purpose: Notify when an interface configured as a trunk interface is carrying only a single VLAN, indicating a possible misconfiguration. (If there’s only one VLAN configured for an interface, the interface type doesn’t need to be a trunk. Trunks are useful when an interface carries traffic for more than one VLAN.)

Alert severity


Repetitive alert pause condition

After 5 occurrences within 2 hours against a specific entity, pause the alert for 24 hours

Alert trigger condition

An interface is not shared by more than one VLAN so it may not be required in a trunk.

Alert clear condition

Misconfiguration has been resolved.

Action(s) to be taken

Check the interface’s configuration to make sure it’s supposed to be Trunk despite having only one VLAN assigned. If not, change the interface type.


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