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Different VLAN number alert


The details shown below are based on the default settings. Options for editing this alert don’t include the ability to edit the trigger or clear condition definitions. You can specify whether the alert should clear based on how it’s configured, or whether it should have no clear condition and be cleared manually.


Primary purpose: Notify of a possible misconfiguration for a device’s interfaces. (VLAN numbers on one side of the connection are different from the VLAN numbers on the other.)

For example, traffic is potentially not being passed properly.

Alert severity


Repetitive alert pause condition

5 occurrences within 2 hours against a specific entity, pause the alert for 24 hours

Alert trigger condition

Connected interfaces have different VLAN numbers.

Alert clear condition

Misconfiguration has been resolved.

Action(s) to be taken

  • Check the device’s configuration and add correct VLAN or remove incorrect VLAN so both sides of the connection match.
  • Ensure traffic is flowing through the interfaces over the subnet after the change.


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