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Where can I find information on VPN Sessions


VPN Sessions information is found on the firewall dashboard. It includes information on all the KPIs and tabs that other networking devices have, plus additional KPIs and tabs that are unique to Cisco ASA 55xx (ASA v.8.0 or higher), SonicWall TZ series, and SonicWall NSA series (SonicOS 5.8 or higher) firewalls. Any element of the dashboard can be clicked to access more detailed information.

KPIs (key performance indicators)

Located next to the device details.

  • VPN Sessions (SSL) indicates how many SSL VPN sessions are in use. Click on the KPI to show detailed information.

VPN Sessions (SSL)

Click on the VPN Sessions (SSL) KPI to see detailed SSL VPN sessions usage:

Column header

Data description


Type of VPN session. Currently, we only support SSL VPN sessions.

All in Use

Number of SSL VPN sessions in use on the device.


Maximum number of SSL VPN sessions. WIll show as N/A if a number wasn’t provided in device details.


All in Use divided by Maximum, expressed as a percentage.

Peak in Use

High-water mark. For devices that don’t report the Peak in Use value, Auvik records the maximum VPN sessions observed and displays that value in this column.


SSL VPN Sessions in Use Graph

The SSL VPN sessions in use graph displays the number of SSL VPN sessions in use for a selected date range. KPIs for the minimum, average, and maximum number of SSL VPN sessions for a selected date range are listed below the graph. To view any data point on the graph in more detail, run your cursor over the graph line. A tooltip pops up to show you the date and time of the data point, and the minimum, average, and maximum of SSL VPN sessions in use at that interval.

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How do I monitor my SSL VPN session usage?

Auvik has pre-configured alerts that notify you when your SSL VPN session usage reaches thresholds that you define. By default, the alert is disabled but you can enable the alert if you want to start getting notifications about your SSL VPN session usage.

More details

A firewall has an extra tab that can be clicked for more detail. In each section, you can filter the list to show only certain details. For more information on filtering, see How to filter data in Auvik.

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