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2019W24 release - June 15, 2019


ENHANCED! Remote browser

When connecting to a device through a remote browser session, Auvik has always used the default HTTP and HTTPS ports: 80, 443, and 8080. Now you can add alternate ports to be monitored on the HTTP or HTTPS service. Once added, the new ports are available to select when you connect to a device through a remote browser session.

You can add new ports on each client site but adding them in bulk across multiple clients at once isn’t available yet. If you’d find this kind of templating useful, let us know through

NEW! Client types

As part of the Auvik TrafficInsights rollout, we’ve introduced client types in Auvik. You can now specify whether a client you manage is an Essentials client or a Performance client. Performance clients have access to TrafficInsights.

Client types are visible if you’re on one of our new direct pricing plans, which were introduced this month. If you don’t see client types in Auvik and would like to use TrafficInsights on some or all of your clients, get in touch with your partner success manager.

Information on TrafficInsights usage per client and an audit log of billing changes across all clients is coming soon.

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