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How to enable SNMP, SSH, and ping on DrayTek devices


Auvik needs SNMP enabled on DrayTek devices to be able to retrieve information from them.

Assumptions: You have administrative access to the DrayTek device. We’ll be making configuration changes in the web UI.

Navigate to the Management dashboard

SNMP, SSH, and ping are typically disabled by default on a factory-reset DrayTek device. You’ll need to manually enable it.

  1. Point your web browser of choice to the Draytek administrative web interface. The default internal IP address is
  2. Log in using your administrative credentials.
  3. Navigate to System Maintenance.
  4. Click Management underneath System Maintenance.

From within this dashboard, you’ll now enable SNMP, SSH, and ping.

Enable SNMP

  1. Check Enable SNMP Agent.
  2. Add a community string in the get community field. The Set community and Trap community fields aren’t required.
  3. Ensure your SNMP community string has also been added into Auvik.

Enable SSH Access

Telnet access can be enabled instead of SSH but we don’t recommend it because of the lack of encryption on the Telnet protocol.

  1. Check Enable SSH.
  2. Ensure your login credentials have been added into Auvik.

For successful SSH access and full Auvik functionality for the DrayTek device, you’ll need to have an Auvik collector sitting on the same subnet as the LAN interface of the DrayTek. If SSH requests are failing, try SSH from a machine on the same subnet as the LAN interface of the Draytek.

Enable internet-originating pings for the Internet Connection Check

If you’ll be making use of Auvik’s Internet Connection Check alert to notify you when there appears to be a connectivity issue, the DrayTek needs to be configured to accept pings from the internet.

From within the System Maintenance > Management dashboard, make sure Disable ping from Internet is unchecked.

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