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2024-W08 release - February 24th, 2024


General Notice

  • New Password Requirements

    Auvik is updating password requirements for all user accounts on March 15th. Users using Google, Microsoft, or a corporate identity provider to log in to Auvik (SAML Single Sign-On) will not be impacted. API keys are also not impacted. Auvik is implementing this change to improve the security of user accounts and to meet new PCI DSS compliance requirements.

    Auvik users will be required to change their passwords at least once starting on March 9, 2024 as a proactive measure. Auvik users that have not changed their passwords by February 1, 2025 will be prompted to change their passwords in order to access Auvik. Here’s how you can update your password in Auvik.

  • Enhanced Accessibility for the Auvik Knowledge Base: Click to Zoom

    When you are accessing the Auvik Knowledge Base on a mobile device or need to see one of the screenshots more closely on your screen, we have implemented the ability to click to zoom  the screenshot. 

    On your computer screen, clicking on the screenshot once will open it to a larger size. Clicking on it twice will expand it to maximum size and then click, hold and drag to focus on specific sections of the photo. Click on the edge of the screenshot to return to the article.

    On a mobile device, tap once to open to large size or tap it twice to expand it to maximum and use the gestures pinch, spread or drag to manipulate it on the screen. Tap on the edge of the screenshot to return to the article.

    Note: Only screenshots that would be difficult to see details in its current scale will have this feature turned on.

    Click on the screenshot below to try it out!

    Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 08.32.44.png
Auvik Network Management (12)
  • Improved

    • Map - Improved Search experience!
      map-search-results-demo-final (2).gif

      Previously, navigating through search results could be cumbersome. While the map highlighted devices matching your search input, it required manual pan-zooming and multiple clicks to gather detailed insights.

      With these enhancements, now when you search on the map the Search Results panel neatly shows all your results in a single dropdown list. You can effortlessly select any result and the map smoothly zooms in on your chosen item, updating the rest of the interface as needed. With that you can dive into exploring insights about your network right away.

      • The map search experience is now smoother and more efficient with the release of:

        • New Search Results Panel

        • Automatic zoom on the chosen item from search result

      • For more information on using the Search, click here.

      Fortigate SSL VPN Monitoring

      • Auvik network monitoring now aggregates the VDOM tunnel counts.

    • Stacking Support

      • Improved Switch stacking support for Cisco virtual stacking for 9500s, NetGear M3300, 4300 and 5500, and Brocade ICX switching.

  • Fixed
    • Previously the open alerts dashboard widget only showed an alert count for alerts connected to a notification. With this fix the widget will now correctly show the number of all alerts.

  • Coming Soon
    • Dark Mode:

      • Users can switch between two themes - our classic light theme and dark theme. This dark mode theme will allow for styling customization for admin users who have the permissions to do so.

    • Switch Stack Support

      • Improved Switch stacking support for Cisco 4500Xs.

  • Devices
    • Vendors
      • HuafeiTech

    • Improved Identifications

      • L2 and L3 Switch(es)

        • Vendor(s): Accton, IMAX, Cisco, HuafeiTech, Phoenix Contact, Dell, Extreme, H3C, HP, FS

      • Access Point(s)

        • Vendor(s): Cisco

      • Router(s)

        • Vendor(s): Ciena

      • Firewall(s)

        • Vendors(s): H3C

      • Printer(s)

        • Vendor(s): Fuji Xerox, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, Sharp

Auvik SaaS Management (7)
  • New

    • Administrative Users can now merge monitored users that are not detected by our existing user-matching process. This would allow users that have more than a single monitored identity showing in the Identities and Assets > Users menu to consolidate to a single monitored user. The consolidation process can only be used for one user at a time, and once initiated may take some time to complete based on the volume of data collected for each user.

      Once started, the following data points become “merged” and consolidated across the two users:

      • User Meta Data (Email, Name, etc.)

      • Identity Management and Aliases

      • Applications used and Application Ownership values

      • Security Logs

  • Improved

    • Added device MAC address to the Devices menu for easier identification of devices during deployment and troubleshooting.

    • Bulk edit has been added to the “Classified” applications page to match the existing behaviour that exists in other areas where applications are shown.

    • Released 2.1.0 with additional stability improvements

  • Fixed
    • Fixed an issue where in some cases, a Client Admin user could modify their permission level to a different role.
    • Resolved an issue where some graphs within the Contracts menu would not include month-to-month contract data in their calculations. All graphs/widgets on these pages will now show contract data regardless of type.
  • Coming Soon

    • SSO Checklist and Visibility - See which applications discovered in your environment support single sign-on, and more importantly, identify opportunities to improve security posture by showing gaps in SSO coverage across your existing applications

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