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Networks Dashboard FAQ


Is there an additional cost to access this?

No. All paid Essentials and Performance tiered customers can access the Dashboard at no additional cost.

When will this Network Dashboard be available, and who can view/access this?

Auvik Network Management customers with a paid Essentials or Performance subscription will see this in the left navigation panel starting Dec 18.

For customers who have the Networks Dashboard enabled, which Auvik user types can view/access this dashboard?

Admin and Super Admin roles have access by default. Other roles will need to add view permissions, at a minimum, to access the Networks Dashboard. This can be set by browsing the ADMIN section in the left-hand navigation bar. You then navigate to Manage Users > Roles and ensure the role(s) you select have a minimum of view access to the Dashboard permission. There are no Edit permissions with this release of the Networks Dashboard.

Do users need to enable this feature first if their role has access?

No, this will appear in the customer’s left-hand navigation at the global level once the feature flag is turned on. You need the roles to have permissions enabled for access to this feature.

Could the user grant only select tenants the option to see this Dashboard?

No, this is only available for global permissions at this time.

Can I exclude any of my tenants from the Networks Dashboard?

No, all tenants are included in this release version.

What happened to the previous NOC Dashboard that Auvik was working on?

This started as a NOC dashboard that was tested in beta. Auvik has since made adjustments based on customer feedback and is launching this dashboard with a new name and a particular functionality. A NOC dashboard feature may be revisited at a future time.

Why do devices appear in the bottom three widgets (Collectors, Network Devices, and Internet Connections) but do not appear all the time in the alerts widgets at the top?

The bottom three widgets in the Networks Dashboard are not alerts but rather notifications. Alerts are actionable within the product. While notifications can and typically do generate alerts, they are not the same as alerts defined in the product. Notifications are immediate, while alerts may be delayed in some cases. See Alerts FAQ.

What does Auvik define as a network device in the Offline Network Devices widget?

Switches, Stacks, Routers, Firewalls, Packet Processors, Controllers, and Access Points are considered network devices in this Dashboard.

Will the widgets update when the site or the specific device is in maintenance?

The Alerts widgets (Open Emergency & Critical Alerts, and Open Alerts by Org) are alerts and follow the maintenance rules. The other three widgets (Collectors, Network Devices, and Internet Connections) are not alerts, so they will appear in the Dashboard if they are down.

I’ve purposely turned off alerts for collector/internet connections/specific network devices.  Will they still show up on the Network Dashboard?

Yes. These widgets are not alerts but notifications that the device is down and do not follow the alerting rules.

How does the Dashboard know which collectors, network devices, and internet connections to add to the Networks Dashboard?

Auvik will include all these various types of devices in the Networks Dashboard by default.

Does the (Last 30 Days) in the alert widgets count today?

Yes, unlike the typical last x days in the time frame setting on your Auvik site. Today is counted in the Last 30 Days widgets.

I clicked the link to my device, and the page it brings me to does not show the devices impacted. Where is it?

When going to the site of the alert, the site will be set to the time frame of the site (typically 10 minutes by default). You may need to adjust the time frame to match the 30 days in the widget.

Can I go directly to my site or device from the Networks Dashboard?

Yes, in the widgets, there are hyperlinks to the alert or device it is notifying you about.

Can I clear the alerts from the Networks Dashboard?

Not at this time. You would need to follow the hyperlink to the site and remediate from there.

Is this at the Global- or Tenant-level?

This Dashboard appears at the global level to provide a summary and displays a single-page view of potential issues as a whole. A tenant-level version may be offered in future versions, depending on the reception of this release. Customers are encouraged to submit their requests or feedback for this feature in the Idea Portal

Is the user able to change the time frame for the Dashboard?

Not at this time; however, customers are encouraged to submit their requests or feedback for this feature in the Idea Portal. The Product team will continue to iterate on this Dashboard and improve functionality based on customer feedback.

Is this Dashboard customizable?

Not at this time; however, customers are encouraged to submit an idea or upvote existing requests to the Idea Portal so future enhancements can be considered for the product roadmap.

What if I have an idea for improving or enhancing the Networks Dashboard?

As always, Auvik welcomes all feedback about its product. The most efficient method to request enhancements or upvote posted ideas is via the Idea Portal. This way, Auvik can consider them for future releases in the product roadmap.

I really like this Networks Dashboard. When will Auvik be offering me more Dashboards?

This is Auvik’s first foray into Dashboards. We encourage feedback to help us develop more. The roadmap for enhancements and future dashboards will be based on feedback we receive from this interaction. Please comment to your CSM or again use the Idea Portal.

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