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Troubleshooting authentication issues in Power BI


There are two types of authentication issues you might see in Power BI when using it with  Auvik data.

1. Authentication issues related to Auvik user settings 

When trying to load data in Power BI, if you might receive an error message about Clients / Sites being blocked by failed queries, and further errors on alerts, device inventory, and other items that say a table wasn’t found or access is forbidden. In these situations, you’re likely dealing with an Auvik user role or user access issue.




To confirm the issue is with your user settings, dismiss the error (click Close or the X in the top right corner), and navigate to the Power Query Editor.

In the Power Query Editor, you’ll see a list of tables. Click on each of the tables.





If you see data in the Client / Sites and Client / Sites Details tables but see errors or no data in the other tables, this confirms the issue is with your Auvik user settings.

A user must have Super Admin or API Access Only access to all of the sites being reported on. To ensure your Auvik account is set up to work with Power BI, see Setting up your Auvik User Account to be used with PowerBI.

2. Wrong user-name or password (API Key) in Power BI

A wrong password or API key will trigger an error that your credentials couldn’t be authenticated. Double-check your credentials and re-enter them.



What if you’ve followed all the steps above, and have referenced Setting up your Auvik user account to be used with PowerBI, but things still aren’t working? In that case, we recommend redoing all the steps in the order described in I've followed every step but still can't get the data to load.

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