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I've followed every step but data isn’t loading in Power BI


During testing, we discovered that Power BI sometimes needs setup steps to be completed in a specific order in order for data to load. If you’ve set Power BI up and data isn’t loading, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the user account and credentials are correct:
    The user account must have access to each and every site under the main account.
    The user role on every site has to have access to API data. In most cases, the user role should be  Super Admin or API Access Only, but any custom role with API access will work as well.
    You have created and saved an Auvik API key and have it on hand. See How do I update my user profile.

  2. Remove any existing Auvik-related credentials from Power BI:
    Go to File > Options and Settings > Data Source Settings. 
    Select any URLs containing “auvikapi”
    Click Clear Permissions.
    Repeat these steps  in the Data Sources in Current File” and Global Permissions sub-menus so that all Auvik-related credentials are removed.

  3. Start fresh again:
    Open the original .pbit source file 
    Fill in the initial setup data 
    Fill in the Auvik authentication credentials (email address and API key in the password field)
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