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How do I change the site a Windows collector is assigned to?


An Auvik collector is assigned to a site or a multi-site in the case of a shared collector. The site is set when the collector is first installed or downloaded, but can be changed later.

You might want to change the collector’s site for any of the following reasons:

  • An existing site-specific collector is becoming a multi-site collector.
  • An existing multi-site collector is becoming a site-specific collector.
  • Your Auvik site or multi-site was renamed, and you’ve been advised by Auvik support to change the collector’s site.
  • You’ve been advised by Auvik support to follow these steps for another reason.

To change the site a Windows collector is assigned to, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into the server or workstation that’s hosting your Auvik collector. If you aren’t sure which device this is, you can find the IP address of the host by clicking Auvik Collectors on the navigation panel on the site.
  2. Click Start on the Windows host and search for Command Prompt (cmd).
  3. Right-click and select Run as Administrator.
  4. From the command prompt window, change directories to where the Auvik collector executable is installed (This is most often c:\auvik)
  5. Run the following command:
    AuvikAgentService -stop
  6. You’ll see the following output:
    C:\auvik>AuvikAgentService -stop
    Stopping AuvikAgent
    AuvikAgent is stopped
    Stopping AuvikWatchdog
    AuvikWatchdog is stopped
  7. Run the following command, replacing <newdomainprefix> with the appropriate site prefix:
    AuvikAgentService -tenant https://<newdomainprefix>
  8. Take note of the warning prompt and select y to proceed.
  9. Run the following command:
    AuvikAgentService -start
  10. When prompted, enter credentials with appropriate permissions in Auvik to manage collectors. You’ll see the following output to confirm it’s successful:
    C:\auvik>AuvikAgentService -start
    Please enter your Auvik login email address:
    Please enter your Auvik API key or password:
    Provisioning service from
    Successfully provisioned for
    Starting AuvikAgent
    Starting AuvikWatchdog
  11. From the site’s dashboard, approve the collector. For details on completing this step, see How do I manage my collectors?


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