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How do I troubleshoot a remote tunnel connection?


These are the two common errors you might encounter when trying to use Auvik’s remote tunnel.

The API key wasn’t properly saved

The first error is the API key wasn’t properly saved or properly input while installing the tunnel client. To confirm the API key was properly saved:

  1. Click > beside your name in the side navigation bar.
  2. Click Edit Profile.
  3. Confirm there’s an API key saved on your user account. If there’s an API key saved, you’ll see a string of asterisks like in the following screenshot. If you don’t see a string of asterisks, generate an API key and make sure you click Save.


If the API key is  saved but you still can’t use the remote tunnel, you may need to re-install the tunnel client, confirm the API key entered is correct, and make sure there’s no extra white space included.

The Auvik client isn’t running with sufficient privileges

The second error you may encounter is similar to the following:

WebSocket Exception: Cannot upgrade to WebSocket connection: Unauthorized

When you see this message on a Windows device, it likely means the AuvikTunnel.exe client isn’t running with sufficient privileges. To solve that, run the Auvik remote tunnel client with administrative privileges (administrator credentials are required during this process) :

  1. Search for your command prompt by typing cmd into your search box.
  2. Right click Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.
  3. Check the directory to see if the Command Prompt was properly executed. If the application was properly executed, the user Administrator or System32 will appear on the screen.

If the application was not properly executed as Administrator, instead, you will see your own username prompted, like this:


If that is the case, close the command prompt and repeat step #2.

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