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Auvik regions


Note: For information on Auvik SaaS Management regions, click here.

Auvik uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers throughout the globe to meet the performance and data residency needs of our partners. Each of these data centers contains one or more clusters. Your Auvik account shares network and system resources with other Auvik partners in a given regional cluster.

You can think of a regional cluster as an office building with one Auvik account occupying each floor of the building. Just as the building provides shared infrastructure like security, electricity, and plumbing for each floor of the building, a regional cluster provides the security, network, application, and services shared by multiple Auvik accounts in that cluster.

This architecture provides maximum performance and stability. For example, service incidents affecting one regional cluster don’t affect partners in other regional clusters.

How many regions are available?

There are currently seven available regions:

Region suffix


us1, us3

US East (North Virginia)


US West (Oregon)

us4, us5

US East (Ohio)


EU West (Ireland)


EU Central (Frankfurt)


Asia-Pacific (Sydney)


Canada (Central)

How do I know which region I’m in?

When you registered for your Auvik account, you may have selected a region for your new account. For load balancing and performance reasons, we will occasionally move accounts to a region other than the one selected, but any such moves will respect data residency laws. For example, we would not move EU partners to a cluster outside the EU.

You can see your account’s region by looking at the URL in your browser when logged into Auvik. The region is identified by the three characters in front of In the example below, the account is in the us2 cluster in Oregon.


The location of your account is also the region where your data resides. If your account is ever moved to a new region, the data is also moved.

How can I change my assigned region?

To request a regional move, contact the Auvik support team. We’ll review the request and schedule the migration. The move requires your account to be stopped and restarted in the new region.

If you’re an Auvik subscriber through one of our channel partners, contact support or your partner success manager for more details.

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