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2019W30 release - July 27, 2019


NEW! Billing audit log

If your MSP is on a new Auvik rate plan that allows a user with billing permissions to change between client types (Essentials or Performance), you can now view an audit log of who changed what and when.

Note: If you’re subscribed to Auvik through a channel partner, the billing audit log isn’t available to you yet.

IMPROVED! Export speed

When exporting large amounts of data, some partners were encountering very lengthy download times. We’ve fixed this issue so that exports should be zippy from now on.

IMPROVED! API error handling

The Auvik API used to return an HTTP 400 error when it encountered an “error retrieving permissions” or “error retrieving tenant hierarchy.” In both cases, the API now returns an HTTP 500 error for your application to back off and retry.

When an application queries the next page using a cursor, it’s possible the cursor no longer exists. Previously in these instances, the Auvik API returned an HTTP 500 error. Now the API returns an HTTP 400.

CHANGED! Subscription widget

If your MSP is on a new Auvik rate plan, you’ll now see your plan’s monthly commitment, expressed in your local currency, in the Settings > Billing > Account section of your MSP dashboard.

Note: If you’re subscribed to Auvik through a channel partner, the Settings > Billing > Account screen and the subscription widget aren’t available to you.

CHANGED! Visibility of deleted devices in TrafficInsights

Previously if a device was unapproved for Auvik TrafficInsights or deleted from inventory while TrafficInsights was still enabled, the device remained visible in the TrafficInsights dashboard. If the same device was later rediscovered and reapproved to send flow to TrafficInsights, it would appear in the dashboard again, creating a duplicate record.

Now, if you unapprove a device from TrafficInsights or delete a device from inventory, the device no longer appears in the TrafficInsights dashboard.

If there’s a device you want to keep in inventory but remove from TrafficInsights, you can now do just that. If you unapprove a device from TrafficInsights, you’ll no longer have flow visibility but you’ll still be able to monitor the device.

FIXED! Board selection in PSA integrations

We’ve resolved an issue where some partners were unable to select a non-default service board or ticket queue when adding a status mapping in their ConnectWise Manage or Autotask integration.

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