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What do connection and approval statuses for the Auvik collector mean?


The Auvik collector has two connection statuses.

Connection status



The Auvik collector is currently powered down, has been uninstalled, or is unable to access the internet.


The Auvik collector is currently powered up and able to access the internet.

An Auvik collector can also have one of four approval statuses. Note that a blocked collector always has a Disconnected status. Pending, Approved or Rejected collectors can have either a Connected or Disconnected connection status.

Approval status



A new Auvik collector has been deployed and it hasn’t been approved yet.


The Auvik collector has been approved for scanning subnets.


The Auvik collector has been rejected and is no longer being used for scanning subnets.


The Auvik collector has encountered an issue that must be addressed before anything else can happen. Once an Auvik collector has been blocked, its connection status automatically changes to Disconnected.

If your Auvik collector shows a Blocked status, please contact Auvik support.


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