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2023-W50 release - December 16, 2023


General Release Notice

HEADS UP! No W52 release

Auvik usually releases upgrades every two weeks. But we understand the holidays are a time of reflection and relaxation—and for many, a freeze on changes made to networks. 

To minimize changes, we’ll be skipping the deployment of new features in what would be our week 52 release at the end of December. 

Our next release with new features and bug fixes will be in the second week of January 2024.

Reminder - Auvik collectors running on deprecated versions of Windows are not supported.

Upcoming improvements to the collector may not be compatible with running on a deprecated Windows OS.

All desktop versions of Windows 10 other than 22H2 and below (Windows 10 21H2, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, etc.) and all versions of Windows Server 2012r2 and below (2012, 2008r2, 2008, etc) have reached their Microsoft Extended Support Expiry date. They are no longer actively supported by Microsoft. All Auvik Windows collectors (both installed or command line version) should installed on an actively supported version of Windows. Issues occurring with collectors installed on an unsupported version of Windows are no longer maintained. The recommendation is to install the collector software on a supported version of Windows or install a collector using one of the other collector versions Auvik offers.

Please migrate any collectors you have installed on a non-supported OS to a supported OS as soon as possible. Upcoming improvements to the collector will not work on unsupported Operating Systems.

For more information, please refer to OS End of Service and the Auvik Collector


Auvik Network Management (12)
  • New
    • Official Juniper Mist API Support

      • Support for Juniper Mist Devices via the API is now released throughout Auvik. This release also includes the functionality of calling the Mist API via the collector so access can be locked down to the collector's public site IP.

      • How to Setup Juniper Mist in Auvik

    • Vendors
    • Identification
        • (41) L2 and L3 Switch(es)

          • Vendor(s): Netgear, EnGenius, Plantet Technologies, Meraki, Huawei, HPE- Arubs, Cisco, D-Link, Juniper, Edgecore

        • (5) Access Point(s)

          • Vendor(s): HPE-Aruba, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Cambium

        • (4) Router(s)

          • Vendor(s): Aethra, Huawei

        • (1) Firewall(s)

          • Vendors(s): Fortinet

        • (15) Printer(s)

          • Vendor(s): Sharp, FujiFilm - Apeos, Ineo, IBM, Microplex, Toshiba

  • Improved
    • Auvik Chatbot - Pilot

      • Auvik will be piloting a new AI Chatbot to answer support questions for our clients. The new AI Chatbot functionality is being used to help facilitate a faster knowledge transfer to you when you need it most.
        As this is in the pilot phase the functionality may or may not be visible in your support chat immediately. As this gets rolled out to a wider release we will update changes in upcoming release notes. We would appreciate your feedback on its capabilities to help us deliver a final product to your support experience.

    • Network Element is Offline Alert Improvement

      • The description for Network Element is offline now has some updates to the description to highlight when network or route configuration experiences issues.

  • Fixed
    • Restore CLI Access to several vendors with updated encryption from firmware updates.

      • Updates have been applied to the libssh2 library to extend the latest SSH connectivity to the current recommended version of encryption. This will resolve login issues with newer firmware for Fortinet, WatchGuard, Cisco, PFsense, and Palo Alto firewalls.

    • Access to Fortinet devices using the remote browser function.

      • Auvik has successfully updated its browser specs, so it can now access the GUI on Fortinet devices with the latest firmware.

  • Coming Soon
    • Networks Dashboard (formerly Alerts Dashboard)

      • The new Networks Dashboard will allow users to solve the problem of Auvik client's need to understand their customers' most critical pain points quickly and easily, preferably in a dashboard format. This summary dashboard overview will allow clients to have a dedicated overview page for their needs.

        • To be released on Dec 18th!

Auvik SaaS Management (5)
  • New
    • Accounts and account data can now be viewed under all sections within the “Applications” menu to determine which users are using certain accounts to log into particular applications

  • Improved
    • Improved performance of GWS integration in GWS tenants with large numbers of users and groups, particularly when running an initial scan.

    • Improved load speed of key data-heavy pages, including the applications classification menu.

  • Fixed
    • Resolved an issue where permissions could not be set prior to a user invite to the platform being sent.

  • Coming Soon

    • Accounts Reporting: Accounts reporting and data exports have now been built into the application. The next step is to use that data to build an insightful report to help businesses better identify which accounts and usernames are in use across their organization. This will shed light on service account activity, frequently used user accounts, dormant accounts, and more. The goal is to align this reporting with major compliance frameworks such as NIST & CIS.

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