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What happens if my collector disconnects?


The collector is a piece of code that uses a number of protocols to gather information about your network, such as topology details, configurations, and network statistics. The collector summarizes and sends that information to the Auvik servers over an encrypted connection.

If, for any reason, you power down a collector, or reject a connected collector, Auvik stops scanning the network.

For example, when a collector is connected, information about the network it’s scanning—such as online status for a device—is kept current. Once the collector is disconnected, the online status for the device remains in the last known state. The status is not updated until the collector is reconnected.

Once the collector is reconnected (powered on or reapproved), Auvik discovery gathers updated information about the network and the most up-to-date details become visible.

An Auvik collector should only be powered down or rejected under special circumstances. For example, you might power down an collector if you’re moving it to a different device.

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