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2016W20 release - May 19, 2016


NEW! Bandwidth report

There’s a new report to show you top devices and interfaces by bandwidth. A big thank you to the customers who requested it. Keep your suggestions coming as we continue to build out Auvik’s reporting.

IMPROVED! OID monitor management

A few releases ago, we added the ability to manage SNMP OIDs and alert on them. The feature was only available from individual client dashboards. Now you can manage OID monitor settings from your MSP dashboard, for OIDs that are available for all your clients. A timesaver!

NEW! Bulk device type edits

Many of you told us that editing device type for one device at a time was a royal pain. We agreed. So now you can select multiple devices when editing the device type. Go to Discovery > Manage Devices to make those edits.

HEADS UP! Entity nav bar has been reorganized

We’ve simplified the entity navigation bar to help keep it manageable and to better match the side navigation bar. Changes to know about: A single new menu item called Inventory drops down to show you all devices, all services, all interfaces, and all networks. And a new menu item called Documentation contains notes, reports, and configurations.

HEADS UP! Discovery bar has been reorganized

The discovery navigation bar has also been simplified. You’ll now find SNMP credentials, login credentials, WMI credentials, and VMware credentials under a single new menu item called Credentials.

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