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2015W18 release – May 9, 2015


NEW! Remote management through remote browser

Launch a remote browsing session so you can access any device’s web interface, even when you’re not on premise. This feature makes configuring devices like firewalls much easier when there’s a problem at 2:00 a.m.

NEW! Reports and data export

Take your data to go! You can now dump the contents of any dashboard to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. If you want historical stats and trends, use the date range picker before you export.

NEW! User management

You can now invite other users into the Auvik system in either read-only or full access roles. Others on your team can now benefit from Auvik’s remote monitoring and management capabilities!

IMPROVED! Service monitoring

Auvik auto-discovers common services running on your network. Auvik now alerts you when those services become unresponsive. With this release, you can also define any custom services you want to keep tabs on.

IMPROVED! Usability and interface design

You spoke, we listened. This release has a lot of usability and design improvements including:

  • Support for multiple Internet connections
  • Improved search semantics
  • Better map support for wireless connections
  • Access point-specific and controller-specific dashboards
  • A history of wireless associations for workstations
  • A new date picker with more granular date/time control

PREVIEW! Managed Service Provider (MSP) dashboard

We’ve built out a product for MSPs that allows managed service companies to create and management multiple accounts within Auvik. For now, this functionality is available by request or invitation only, so if you’re interested in seeing it, please email

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