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Configure an Auvik collector running on VMWare to scan from multiple network adapters


By default, an OVA collector will be initially set up with a single network interface card (NIC) for scanning. However, there are cases where you may want to use multiple NICs. For example, in situations where you have network segments that don't communicate with each other. The steps below show you how to add network adapters in VMware VSphere ESXi.

We recommend you take a snapshot backup of your VM before making any changes to your collector.

  1. Shutdown your VM using Option 3 from the collector menu.
  2. Configure a second bridged network adapter.
  3. Configure your Ethernet switches with the VLAN IDs that your ESXi hosts should use. If you're using VLANs, the NICs must be on trunking ports.
  4. In the System Customization menu, select Configure Management Network by using the keyboard arrows. Press Enter.
  5. In the Configure Management Network menu, select VLAN (option). Press Enter.
  6. In the VLAN ID input text box, type the VLAN ID of the virtual LAN that your ESXi should use. Press Enter.
  7. Power on your collector and let it boot up.
  8. Follow these steps to complete the configuration in Ubuntu.


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