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How do I log in?


Go to Enter your email address and password, then click the Log In button.

After login, you will be redirected to the product; Auvik Network Management (ANM) or Auvik SaaS Management (ASM); you've subscribed to. In the case where you've subscribed to both products, you will be redirected to ANM.

The same applies for trials. That is, if you have an active trials for both products, you'll be redirected to ANM. But If you are trialing or have subscribed only to ASM, you’ll be redirected to ASM

If you try to log in without success, your account will be locked after a number of attempts. If this happens, you must reset your password to unlock your user account.

If you have a Google-authorized account, you can click the Log In With Google button instead. If you have a Microsoft Office 365-authorized account (must be an organization account, not a personal account), you can click the Log In With Microsoft button instead.

See also Log in using Auvik’s two-factor authentication.

If you’ve lost your Auvik two-factor access because you no longer have the phone to which it was connected, ask an administrator on your Auvik account to reset your 2FA token.

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