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2023-W40 Release - October 7, 2023


General Release Notice

  • OVA and scripted 18.04 builds of the collector will cease to connect to Auvik on October 16, 2023

    Auvik disabled connectivity for the Ubuntu 18.04 collector on Monday, October 2, 2023. This was after six months of informational warnings that Ubuntu would no longer support release 18.04 on April 30, 2023. Another five months of informational warnings were issued in its release notes that Auvik no longer supported collectors running on version 18.04 of Ubuntu.

    When disabling this connectivity, Auvik received a response from many clients that they were unaware that Auvik was disabling connectivity for the now five-month non-supported Ubuntu software. In an effort to be a good partner, Auvik has re-enabled connectivity for version 18.04 collectors until October 16, 2023.

    Auvik apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause its clients, but Auvik cannot support vendor-non-supported software. Since the vendor does not support the software, Auvik has security and functional concerns with the collector that are scheduled to be addressed.

    October 6th - 15th post

    To ensure proper messaging gets out to affected clients, Auvik will post a pop-up message in its UI to clients that still have an 18.04 version of the collector being actively used as a collector.  This message will state that these collectors will no longer function as of October 16, 2023. This message will persist even if all collectors are updated to a supported version of Ubuntu or replaced with another collector until October 16th.

    October 16th post

    On October 16th, Auvik will post a new message in the UI to clients with an active 18.04 collector build that connectivity is now severed and will not be restored until the collector has been updated or replaced with another collector by a supported build or version. Auvik will not be able to delay this action any longer as it has scheduled collector improvements that can no longer be delayed.

    How can I confirm on the Auvik website if my collector(s) needs to be updated?

    If you are unsure what version of the collector you have, you can locate it under your shared collectors.

    Or your collector list under each client.


    Suppose you do not update or replace your Ubuntu-based 18.04 collector version by October 16, 2023. In that case, you will find your collector will no longer be able to connect to the Auvik website, and all monitoring and processes done through the collector will no longer function until the collector is replaced or updated to 20.04 or 22.04.

    Ubuntu OVA 18.04 to 22.04 Update FAQ

    Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Auvik Support with any questions or concerns.

Auvik Network Management (6)
  • New
    • Vendors

    • Identification
      • (13) L2 and L3 Switch(es)

        • Vendor(s): Extreme, HPE Aruba, Cisco, D-Link, Planet, Netgear, Huawei, Arris

      • (6) Access Point(s)

        • Vendor(s): Cisco, Cisco -Catalyst, Ruckus

      • (7) Printer(s)

        • Vendor(s): Accurio, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Revoria Press

    • Auvik’s incident management integration with ServiceNow has been certified with their latest Vancouver release. This makes the App compatible with current and previous releases: Vancouver, Utah, Tokyo, and San Diego. More details can be found on ServiceNow App Store.
  • Fixed

    • Resolved an issue with the collection of route and ARP tables that were causing high memory usage and delays in the application.

Auvik SaaS Management (10)
  • Improvements

    • New Contracts Report: Exciting news! Now gain clearer insight into your SaaS spend and license utilization with our new contracts report. Featuring a handy calendar for upcoming contract expirations, this report will be a game-changer for understanding your software investments.

    • Personalized Report Covers: Elevate your branding! All reports on our platform will now showcase covers aligned with the colors you set in "hub settings", ensuring your reports resonate with your brand's visual identity.

    • Azure Integration Update: Taking control over user import! Our Azure integration no longer auto-imports external users. However, you can still manually track external or guest users via the "Azure AD Users" section.

    • Expanded App Catalog: We've enriched our app catalog with approximately 50,000 new descriptions for niche or less prominent SaaS apps. Generally, you’ll notice app data records will now appear more complete and informative instead of showing “Description Not Found”.

    • Branded Edge Extension: Our Microsoft Edge extension has been updated with Auvik SaaS Management branding and has been changed so that it is hidden by default in the browser toolbar.

  • Identification

    • Risk Sorting: Resolved an issue where the user interface did not allow sorting by the 'risk' column.

    • Security Logs Filter: Addressed a bug where applying certain filters to the security logs table resulted in incomplete results, or the table being reset.

    • Firefox Deployment: Resolved a deployment issue where the Firefox extension would sometimes fail to install on initial attempts.

  • Coming Soon

    • Accounts Reporting: Tapping into the wealth of account data we capture, we're in the process of developing an insightful report to help businesses better identify which accounts and usernames are in use across their organization. This will shed light on service account activity, frequently used user accounts, dormant accounts, and more. The goal is to align this reporting with major compliance frameworks such as NIST & CIS.

    • MFA/2FA Enforcement: Security is paramount. We're enhancing our capabilities to provide insights into which accounts detected in your environment have MFA/2FA enabled. Additionally, admin users will soon have the power to enforce MFA across the organization for bolstered security.

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