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2023-W16 release - April 22, 2023


New Vendors! New vendor discovered: ABB Oy.

New Identification! Auvik has identified new models for: 19 L3 Switch and L2 switch models from vendors Duxbury Networking, Edgecore, Alcatel Lucent, H3C, NVT Phybridge, Allied Telesis, Cisco, Arista, NetVanta, Juniper, Fujistu; three router models from vendors Cisco, Mediant, Bintec; two firewall models from vendors Watchguard, Fortinet; two wireless access point models from vendor Cyclades; and several printers which include models from vendors, Xerox, FujiFilm Apeos, and Lexmark.

Please upgrade your collector before April 30th when Ubuntu free support runs out. This Ubuntu 18.04 version will not be supported but will continue to work with your Auvik tenant until July 29.2023 when Auvik will discontinue the ability to connect to your tenant with an 18.04 Ubuntu collector.

Due to the nature of this OS reinstall user intervention, while minimal, is required. Updated popup notifications will occur and a refreshed email will be sent if you have any 18.04 Ubuntu collectors that require updating. Auvik has provided information on how to perform this upgrade. Instructions are located here. Auvik has also provided an updated FAQ page if you have any questions about this upgrade. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Support if you have any questions it does not address.

Volunteers still wanted. Auvik will begin beta testing in late April with Juniper MIST and is looking for volunteers to work with as we develop this coverage in our platform.  Please contact your Customer Success Manager to see about participating.

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