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How to migrate your Auvik Collector from Ubuntu 20.04 to Ubuntu 22.04


Note: It is recommended that you create a restore point or snapshot for your VM and have at least 1GB of free disk space before beginning the upgrade.

    1. Connect to the OVA running your collector, via SSH or by connecting to the VM server running the OVA and launch a bash shell instance (option 6 in the agent-console menu).
    2. Confirm the version of release the VM is running using lsb_release -a:
    3. Download the migration helper script.
      curl -fsSL | sudo bash
      The script will handle:
      1. updating and adding the auvik GPG key to the correct location within the VM

      2. the APT repository location to point to the new 22.04 location (

      3. upgrading / installing any necessary packages
        Once the script is completed, the VM will be rebooted automatically.

    4. Once the VM is rebooted, launch another bash shell instance (option 6 in the agent-console menu)

    5. Start the release upgrade by running do-release-upgrade --allow-third-party

    6. When prompted to start the upgrade, press 'y' to begin the release upgrade. The output indicates how much room is approximately needed in order to proceed.

    7. During the upgrade process there may be some packages which update their underlying config. If prompted, use the arrow keys to select ‘install the package maintainer’s version:
    8. After applying the distribution upgrade, reboot the machine to ensure all package settings have been applied. Once rebooted, confirm that the release upgrade was successful by running lsb_release -a

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