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What does Auvik monitor on IPMI management cards like iDRAC and iLO?


iDRAC (Dell) and iLO (HP) are proprietary Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) technologies that provide remote management options on a device, even when that device is offline.

Auvik currently monitors resource and network utilization on the IPMI itself. And by augmenting that with vendor-specific SNMP pollers, you can keep a pretty close eye on metrics of interest.

What Auvik monitors through IPMI

Auvik can natively monitor the following usage statistics through IPMI:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Interface and network configuration details
  • Up and down status

Adding your own monitors to Auvik

You may want to create custom alerts for specific environmental issues on the IPMI device. You can do so at either the multi-site level (which applies to all clients) or at the client level (which applies only to that client).

For instructions on how to add a SNMP Poller, see How do I manage SNMP Poller settings?.

Once the monitor settings have been created, you can add an alert. For instructions, see How do I add, edit, or delete alerts?


Below, you’ll find links to vendor-specific MIBs. These contain SNMP pollers that can be added to Auvik and monitored using alerts.



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