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How to Use the Auvik Training Portal


Within the Auvik portal:

  1. Go to Resource Center > Training Portal
  2. Click Training Portal

Note:  This is only available if you hold Super Admin status.


To access the training portal from outside the Auvik site:

From your web browser, go to


Note: Do not use the Username and Password section.

  • Click ‘Sign in with my Auvik account’


Note: If you have not logged in before, enter your Auvik username and click Next.

  • Log in using either your Google or Microsoft account


  • Enter your Auvik username
  • Click Next
  • Proceed through the SSO process

How to Navigate the Auvik Training Portal:

When you log in the first time this pop-up will appear.


In order to stop this from appearing on each log in, uncheck the 'Always show this message on the Home page' check box.

To move to the dashboard, click the 'Continue to my dashboard' button.

Under the Welcome banner, you will see My Training.

At the upper right corner you will see a See All Assigned Courses & Learning Paths button.  Clicking on this will show all assigned courses regardless if you have completed them or not.

By default, the first thing under My Training you will see is courses you have been assigned but that you have Not Started.

As well, there is a search bar that allows you to search through your assigned courses that you have Not Started.


When you click on In Progress, you will see all the assigned courses that you have started working on.

As well, there is a search bar that allows you to search through your assigned courses that you have In Progress.


When you click on Overdue, you will see all the assigned courses that have a Due Date which are overdue.

As well, there is a search bar that allows you to search through your assigned courses that you have which are Overdue.


When you click on Completed, you will see all the courses that you have completed.

You can also search through your Completed courses using the Search bar at the top of the My Training section.


To the right side of the My Training section, the News widget will appear showing courses and webinars being offered currently.


Beneath the News widget, the Login Week Streak widget appears which will show how many weeks in a row you have logged in.


The Recent Achievements widget will show all the courses you have recently completed.  Clicking View All will show all of your achievements.


The Favorites widget will show any courses that you have favorited.

Accessing a Training Course from the My Training Section

Click on the Course icon in the My Training section you want to access.


This will open the course you want to take. 

You will see all the sections of the course. Completed sections will show a green check mark.  Sections which are not completed will show a gray circle beside the section title. If you are taking a course you have not taken before all the sections will display a gray circle.

At the top of the course window you will see the % completion as well as the course title and a purple Continue the course button.

You can also start sections by clicking the module title in the list.


This will load the training module. 

Click the Play button to play the module.


Click the Volume button to increase or decrease the volume.


Click the Settings button to change the settings for the video.


Click the Full Screen button to put the video in Full Screen mode.



Clicking the three lines at the top left of the screen will display a course outline, including which sections have been completed and which remain to be completed.


Clicking Feedback will open a message window to send a message to the Administrator.

Clicking Previous will take you to the previous section of the course.

Clicking Next will take you to the next section of the course.

Clicking Close will close the course.


Accessing the Content Library

If you are interested in training you haven’t been assigned you can look through our Content Library.


At the upper left side of the Auvik Training Portal, you will see a menu.

  • Click Content Library

This will take you to Auvik’s Content Library.

From here you can filter by Content Type. The types available are Courses or Learning Paths.


You can also filter by Topics to narrow your choices.

Alternate Languages and/or Discussion Forums are not currently in use.

You can also Search for content by title or description.

Clicking in a course you have found in the Content Library will open the course to see the sections.




Clicking on Achievements will display the courses and learning paths you have completed, the dates you completed them as well as any Badges, Points and Levels completed you have earned.

Click the Create a Report button to create a printable report of all of your achievements.

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