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Getting started with Remote Command widget


Auvik’s Remote Command widget allows you to send single line commands to network devices through SSH enabled logins within the device dashboard. This will allow you to send and receive the output from the device with export and audit functionalities.

Where to find Remote Command widget

You can find the Remote Command widget on the device dashboard of any network with SSH capable devices.

  1. If SSH login is enabled for the device, the status will show:


  1. If the SSH login status is not enabled, it will show the below message to enable remote command:


Sample use case

To gather CDP neighbor information from a device:  

  1. On the device dashboard, go to the Remote Command widget.
  2. In the Enter a command box, type show cdp neighbors.
  3. Click Send.

Now you can: 

  • See the results within the widget
  • Export the results as a CSV file
  • Track the widget usage under Audit > User Activity 

Who has access to Remote Command widget

Remote Command requires permission to send single line commands which is available for users with below roles.   

How to give access to other users

  1. Click Manage Users in the side navigation bar. Click Roles.
  2. In the displayed list of roles, find the role you want to edit. Check the box at the beginning of each row.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Click on Device Details and Access to expand. 


  1. Slide the selector to Auto Login for Remote Command


Can I execute multiple commands?

Remote Command widget is not a terminal window and does not allow you to send multiple commands. It allows you to send one command to the device with no holding of the session open for other users.

The primary use case is to troubleshoot or gather information and not for executing commands or changing configurations.

Common issue

When you change the date of the device details page to view history and if you do not change it back to last 10 minutes, the widget will appear to send commands with no response. So, you need to adjust the calendar for the device details page back to "Last 10 minutes" and everything will appear as designed.


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