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How do I permanently delete discovered devices?


If Auvik has discovered a device or a group of devices that you don’t want to monitor, you can delete the devices so they won’t be rediscovered. 

In most scenarios, we recommend unmanaging the device. However, if you’d prefer to permanently delete a discovered device, follow the steps below:

    1. Identify the IP address, or the IP address range, you want to permanently delete.
    2. Click Discovery in the side navigation bar.
    3. Click Manage Networks.
    4. Select the relevant network for the IP address or IP address range from the list of networks by checking the box at the beginning of the row.
    5. Click Edit.
    6. Check the Exclude IP Address Range(s) box and type the IP address, or IP address range you want to remove in the box below. If you have multiple IP addresses or multiple IP address ranges, click the + icon to add additional lines.


    7. Click Save.

The steps above will ensure the devices won't be rediscovered by Auvik. Once you have completed that, follow the instructions here to delete them from the site.

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