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How to enable configuration backups on a Cisco IOS router or switch using a lower privilege


Auvik can leverage a level 3 privileged EXEC mode to backup device configurations on Cisco IOS routers or switches. To do so,  you need to set up the device with the new privilege level and assign the command to retrieve the configuration to the new privilege level.

You can configure both steps  from the Cisco IOS command line. You’ll need Telnet, SSH, or serial (console) access to the Cisco device.

  1. Telnet, SSH, or serial (console) into your IOS device.
  2. Enter the global configuration mode by typing
    then entering your escalated privilege credentials if it’s required.
  3. Enter the configuration mode by typing
    configure terminal
  4. Issue the following command to set the password for the level 3 privilege:
    enable secret level 3 0 <level_3_privilege_password>
    • Note: Replace <level_3_privilege_password> with your desired password for level 3 privilege.
  5. Issue the following command to change privilege level
    file privilege <level>
  6. Issue the following command to assign the
    show running-config
    command to privilege level 3:
    privilege exec all level 3 show running-config view full
    • If the all switch isn’t supported, you can issue this command instead:
      privilege exec level 3 show running-config view full
  7. Exit configuration mode by typing
  8. Commit running configuration changes to startup configuration memory by typing
    write memory
  9. Update the CLI enable password for the login credentials of the Cisco IOS device with the password from step 4.

All done! The configuration for your Cisco IOS device can now be backed up using Auvik with the lower privilege command.

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