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2020W16 release - April 18, 2020


NEW! VPN monitoring

With nearly everyone working remotely these days, one of your top priorities is likely making sure your VPNs can handle the load. Auvik now has an easy way to do that.

You can now view the number of SSL VPN sessions in use on both the client dashboard and the firewall dashboard. You can define the number of licenses on the device to quickly determine if usage is approaching the limit. And you can generate alerts when the VPN reaches a defined threshold so you can proactively procure more capacity and prevent any interruptions.

VPN monitoring is supported on the Cisco ASA (using software from 2008 or later), SonicWall TZ series, and SonicWall NSA series (using SonicOS 5.8 or higher).

NEW! ServiceNow certification

For partners using ServiceNow to handle incident management, you can now centralize your incident workflow and cut down response times using the Auvik certified app. Alerts in Auvik can automatically create incidents in ServiceNow. Closing the incident in ServiceNow can dismiss the alert in Auvik. To get started, see Integrating Auvik with ServiceNow. You can also customize the integration with the Auvik / ServiceNow technical guide.

NEW! User activity report

We’ve improved our audit logs by adding a user activity report. You can view which changes a user made to clients, devices, and any credentials found under Discovery > Manage Credentials. User activity logging is available on any new changes made in Auvik starting from this release. See Can I see a history of user activity? for more information. More user changes will be added in future releases.

BETA! Syslog

Syslog capability is now in beta and available on all Performance clients. You can view syslog messages without leaving Auvik to get to root cause faster and reduce your resolution time. See How do I approve or unapprove devices for syslog? for more details on getting started.

BETA! Global alerts view

You can now search, filter, and manage alerts from all your sites centrally at the multi-site or MSP level. The view auto-updates every 30 seconds to show the latest alerts. Clicking on an alert shows you the alert’s details right there, reducing the clicks to access the information you need. You can also dismiss or pause multiple alerts at once from the global alerts view.

BETA! Global inventory view

You can now search and filter for devices across all sites at once at the multi-site or MSP level. This central view can help when a vulnerability is discovered, for example, by allowing you to quickly identify all devices of the affected make and model across all the networks you manage. You can also export the list to view firmware and software versions to narrow down the list for remediation.

IMPROVED! Remote access logs

In addition to the remote terminal and tunnel connection logs already available, you can now also see when a user initiates a remote browser session from the device dashboard. See Can I see a history of remote connections? for more information.

IMPROVED! TrafficInsights filtering

You can now click on any value in the TrafficInsights protocols area to filter the data by that value. This brings the protocol area in alignment with the applications and top-N areas, which already allow you to click on any value to filter.

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