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Why should I integrate my systems with Auvik?


For a full list of available integrations with Auvik see What integrations are available?

Integrating other workflow systems with Auvik has several benefits: 

Improved data accessibility

Setting up an Auvik integration allows you to access accurate, detailed inventory information in your third-party system. You can easily locate information and statistics about your clients’ network devices, such as device name, IP addresses, and serial numbers, without having to switch between systems. And since the integration automatically updates this information, you’ll know you’re using the most current data available. 

Improved productivity

Syncing inventory details from Auvik saves you the hassle of manually creating an inventory of your clients’ networks. With all the information you need in one system, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to perform key network management tasks like troubleshooting, maintenance, and reporting. With all your alerts in one place, you can respond more quickly to devices that require attention and proactively identify issues before they impact your clients.

Better communication

Integrating the various systems in your stack helps streamline the way you communicate—among your team and with your clients. You’ll be able to share more information about your clients’ networks than ever before. 

Setting up your integration for success

Worried about creating duplicate configuration records or being overwhelmed by alerts? Don’t be—you can easily avoid these issues when setting up your integration. Here’s how:  

Avoiding duplicate configuration records

Integrating with Autotask PSA and ConnectWise Manage

Auvik integrates with Autotask PSA and ConnectWise Manage using their APIs. When configuring these PSA integrations for inventory sync, you can select how Auvik identifies a configuration record that already exists—by serial number or host name. 

New records are created when an existing device’s serial number in Autotask PSA or ConnectWise Manage doesn’t match that of the device discovered by Auvik (e.g., as a result of an out-of-date configuration record). The same is true when matching by host name. For example, if the device name in Auvik is Nanook Switch, but it appears in either Autotask PSA or ConnectWise Manage as N Switch, a second record is created. 

Unlike serial numbers, host names can change frequently, so it’s best to identify devices by serial number first, followed by host name. After devices are identified, you can review the configuration records created by Auvik and resolve any possible duplicates that occurred as a result of serial number or host name discrepancies.


How do I sync Auvik inventory into ConnectWise Manage?

How do I sync Auvik inventory into Autotask PSA?

Integrating with BrightGauge, CloudRadial, ITBoost, IT Glue, Passportal, or ScalePad

These integrations connect using the Auvik Inventory API to sync data with Auvik. These third-party systems have their own processes in place to resolve duplicate records. 

For more information about these integrations, see: What integrations are available?

Integrating with multiple third-party systems 

Pay special attention when syncing inventory data to multiple systems (e.g., syncing Auvik inventory to both ConnectWise Manage and IT Glue). Some systems have underlying rules around the ownership of records and which system is allowed to update records. Since there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, the optimal setup for syncing data to multiple systems will vary, depending on the systems you use, your processes, and which system you consider to be your source of truth. 

Tuning your alerts

Integrating with Autotask PSA and ConnectWise 

For systems such as Autotask PSA and ConnectWise Manage, which use their own APIs for the integration, you can configure Auvik to talk to a specific ticket queue or service board. You can also assign different alerts to different boards to prevent routine informational alerts from interfering with alerts that need urgent attention. 

Alerts are pre-set according to industry best practices, but you can review alerts and tune them according to your preferences at any time. 


How do I manage alerts for Autotask PSA

How do I manage alerts for ConnectWise Manage

Integrating with ServiceNow

You can tailor how Auvik alerts are processed in ServiceNow. See Auvik ServiceNow technical guide.

Integrating with Opsgenie

You control how Auvik alerts are processed using rules in Opsgenie. See Auvik Integration.

Integrating with BrightGauge, CloudRadial, ITBoost, IT Glue, Passportal, or ScalePad

Using the Auvik Alert History API, these integrations give you access to the entire history of alerts for a specific device, client, or across all clients to which you have deployed Auvik. This view is used for reporting purposes, not for monitoring. 

Aligning your team on how to respond to new alerts 

The Auvik training portal provides general network training, including troubleshooting scenarios in response to different types of Auvik alerts. Our training paths are designed to help your service desk align on how to respond to these alerts.  

If you have questions or need assistance with setting up and customizing Auvik, please do not hesitate to reach out to Auvik Support.

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