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How do I manage alerts for Autotask?


Auvik supports the sending of alert notifications to Autotask.

Alert severity mapping

You can map Auvik alert severities to your Autotask priorities. The priority values that appear for Autotask will match your Autotask configuration.

  1. Click Integrations from the side navigation bar.
  2. In the displayed list of integrations, click the row for the Autotask integration.
  3. Click the Manage Alerts tab.
  4. Select the appropriate severity mapping for each of the Auvik alert severities.
  5. Click Save.

Alert status mapping

You can configure Auvik alert statuses to match your Autotask service ticket statuses. The status values that appear for Autotask will match your Autotask configuration.

From the multi-select box, select the Autotask status(es) that will dismiss an opened Auvik alert.

Optionally, select whether a service ticket closed in Autotask should be reopened if the Auvik alert has not been cleared within 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day of the alert being triggered.

If the statuses set for both Dismiss Auvik alert with Autotask ticket is and If Autotask ticket status is are the same, closing the ticket in Autotask will dismiss the alert in Auvik. (The If Autotask ticket status is setting will be ignored.)

To be sure an Autotask ticket reopens if the Auvik ticket isn’t cleared, the statuses for these two settings should be different.

After your alert status mappings are defined, click Save.

So far, you’ve mapped clients and mapped alerts for your Autotask integration. Now you’re ready to create a notification channel and associate it to the alerts that are synced to Autotask.

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