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How to enable SNMP on Lenovo XClarity devices


You can enable SNMP from the Lenovo XClarity controller web interface. You’ll need admin access to the XClarity device to make these changes.

  1. Log into the controller’s web interface.
  2. From the side navigation, click BMC Configuration.
  3. Click Network.


  1. Check the box to enable the SNMPv3 agent. 
  2. In the BMC Contact field, enter the name of the contact person.
  3. In the Location field, enter the site name.
  4. Click USER/LDAP under BMC Configuration. 
  5. Click the edit button on the USERID user, or create a new user by clicking the + Create button. Set a password or use the default password for the user.
  6. Ensure the access level is set to supervisor privileges.
  7. Check that your SNMP settings are set as shown:
    • Access Type: Get
    • Address for traps: [empty]
    • Authentication protocol: None
    • Privacy protocol: None
    • Privacy password: None
    • Confirm password: None


  1. Click Apply.

All done! Your Lenovo XClarity controller can now be discovered and monitored using Auvik.

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