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2019W14 release - April 6, 2019


NEW! Cisco asset information

Are my client devices on current firmware? Are my client devices under active warranty and support coverage? These are great questions that we’ve heard from a lot of you. Now, through a partnership with Cisco, you can view and report on suggested software version, warranty coverage status, and warranty coverage end date on Cisco devices.

For developers and integration partners, we’ve made this data available through our Inventory API.

UPDATED! ConnectWise Manage integration

ConnectWise is changing the API that the Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration is based on. (In geek speak, they’re moving from the SOAP API to the REST API.) To prepare, we’ve been working on a new version of the integration. After a successful beta, we’re now rolling out the new REST-based ConnectWise Manage integration.

You have until Sep 7, 2019 to migrate your Auvik / ConnectWise Manage integration from the old version to the new. After Sep 7, the old integration will be deprecated and may stop working.

Any new ConnectWise Manage integrations set up from scratch after this Apr 6 release don’t need to be migrated. Any existing integrations need to be migrated, unless you participated in the migration beta.

ENHANCED! Auvik TrafficInsights

We’re not slowing down! Here’s what we’ve added to TrafficInsights recently:

  • You can now find and filter traffic coming from or going to a specific country.
  • We’ve improved the classification of P2P traffic.
  • You can now customize CSV exports by attributes such as application, geolocation, or specific network assets.

ENHANCED! Microsoft re-authentication

When re-authenticating at the remote terminal, some users found themselves going through a full re-authentication sequence through Microsoft Azure AD (and an internal identity provider, if one was enabled). This was cumbersome. We’ve now enhanced the Microsoft login to authenticate with fewer user interactions.

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